The View From Crossharbour [Photography Update May-22-2017]

If you visit inner-city London, you’ll come across the very modern mix of apartment buildings, business complexes and leisure centres. Crossharbour sits in the ‘Docklands’ area of London, representing these features. My recent visit to Crossharbor allowed me to take this decent shots, during the lovely weather the UK is finally experiencing. Note: these images include shots taken from the ‘Lotus’ restaurant, which actually sits on the canal!

So, hello again! I do apologize for my obscene, extended hiatus. As I have said in the past, it’s hard to find inspiration for my photography during all the grey skies and rain the UK has. But days like that day are fantastic to get my creative juices flowing! I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Patrick Toworfe is a freelance writer and video content producer. He spends most of his time gaming and watching/editing video content.
Follow this blog to read his advice articles and general thoughts about life. You can email me at


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