Visiting Margate For The First Time! [Photography Update]

For the first time, in what feels like forever, I ventured outside of London yet again, to explore the rest of the UK. This time, tagging along my sister and her friends, I went to Margate in Kent, which is far South East in England. It’s a well known tourist spot, mainly for its beach and amusement park.

Of course, I took several lovely pictures for your viewing pleasure. Take a look at them below!

The trip was fantastic. We only spent a bit of time on the beach, due to it raining suddenly. However, we spent the next several hours at ‘Dreamland’, the local amusement park. For one fee, you can try any ride/attraction there. The best of which was the “Top Spin” (which you can see in the photos). It’s roughly 1-2 minutes of absolute terror, but it’s worth it! The other rides there were amazing and thrilling in their own ways too. So overall, very pleased with the outing. It just felt great to travel again 🙂

Oh, and the sky looked beautiful when I got back to London. Felt like a great day overall.

2016-07-02 19.45.24

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