Moving Onto New Sights [Photography Update]

Hey everyone! I have a regular update for you, perks of having a PC again, and having an awesome new camera on my new phone. Anyway, enough gushing.

Getting a job has seriously helped me out, in more ways than I can explain here. It’s finally opened up a new chapter in my life, allowing me to stay active, and get back to doing what I enjoy. With enthusiasm! This includes my photography, and I’ve got some new, beautiful photos for you.

You’ll notice some new scenery in these shots. Courtesy of the location of my job, as well as the places I visit along the way. I’ll try to stay consistent with these photo updates, and I hope you continue to check out these posts and appreciate them. See you next time!

Patrick Toworfe is a freelance writer and video content producer. He spends most of his time gaming and watching/editing video content.
Follow this blog to read his advice articles and general thoughts about life. You can email him at


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